Séminaire : « Complex formation and medicinal applications of macrocyclic chelators with pendant azaheterocyclic donors »

Abstract :

We recently described a novel macrocyclic chelating system with pendant azaheterocyclic arms for chelation of radiocopper (RSC Advances 2016, 6, 119-131.). These chelators based on the macrocycle TACN are characterized by their rather inert complexation of Cu2+ and their excellent labelling properties under mild conditions making this class of ligands a promising candidate for applications in nuclear medicine. Besides the Cu complexation, further insights on the metal binding properties of these ligands with other medicinal relevant radiometals will be given in this talk. More recently, we also expanded the concept of using additional heterocyclic N donors to other macrocycles such as Cyclen and their complex formation will be discussed in view of structural information in the solid state and solution. Finally, the potential of this novel class of macrocyclic chelators for biomedical applications will be demonstrated by examples of corresponding bioconjugated derivatives.[:]