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The purpose of the production and distribution of cryogenic liquids (nitrogen) is to meet the needs of university researchers in the field of low temperatures throughout the year.

The production of liquid nitrogen at the University of Western Brittany is an absolute necessity. Both liquefiers belong to UMR CNRS 6521.
The annual quantity of liquid nitrogen distributed to the various services is approximately 30,000 liters.

Piloting and Maintenance :

– Organize, plan production.
– Operation of the installations.
– Surveillance.
– Records and followed parameters.
– Daily maintenance.
– Scheduled, curative maintenance.
– Improvements.


– Catherine Charles
– Jean-Luc Chapel (Supervisor)

Material List :

– 2 liquefiers type PLN 108 S; Production and storage’s Automation of 2 liquefiers (conversion StirLIN -2)
– The installation allows the two liquefiers to work in parallel or alternately and to manage the production depending on the level of liquid nitrogen present in the storage Dewar.
– The start of the liquefiers is subordinated to the start of the water cooler
– 1 nitrogen gas generator type PSA (MAXIGAS 108 ECBLL) – Flow rate 18 Nm3 / h
– Nitrogen purity 99.9% – Operating pressure at the outlet of the nitrogen buffer tank: 1 bar
– The nitrogen generator is equipped with a homogenization tank to ensure the requested quality of nitrogen and for balancing and regeneration. The tank is 500 liters.
– A nitrogen storage tank is also installed.
– A water cooler
– 3 Horizontal 400 l liquid nitrogen storage tanks and 2 vertical 400 l tanks
– Dewar 500 liters with 3 necks:
– Two passes connected to both cryogenerators
– A collar for the level sensor and the liquid nitrogen transfer line

List of client (not exclusive) :

– UMR CNRS 6521
– Plateforme RMN – RPE : Résonance Magnétique Nucléaire – Résonance Paramagnétique Électronique
– Plateforme DRX : Service commun d’analyse par diffraction des rayons X
– Plateforme IMM : Plateforme d’Imagerie et de Mesure en Microscopie
– LEMAR : laboratoire des sciences et de l’environnement marin
– Department of CHEMISTRY
– Biology department
– Laboratoire ORPHY : Optimisation des Régulations Physiologiques
– Laboratoire EBHAM : Laboratoire d’Ecophysiologie et de Biotechnologie des Halophytes et Algues Marines.
– Laboratoire de Rhéologie….