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Manager : Paul-Alain JAFFRES, Pr


The research group « Organic Chemistry for health and materials » from the UMR CNRS 6521 is composed by 26 persons including 13 permanent staff. The global skills of our group include both organic chemistry and coordination chemistry. In more details, we are working on organo-phosphorus chemistry, the synthesis and the coordination properties of polyazamacrocyclic compounds and the synthesis of amphiphilic compounds. Our research group is involved in numerus multidisciplinary research projects at the interface of biology and medicine (Imaging, therapy, radiopharmaceutics, nucleic acid delivery, ion channel modulation, bactericidal action) or for the development of new materials (bactericidal materials, multimeric materials & spin transition molecular materials). Our partners are academics and/or industrials. Our research group is built on two research axis:

  • “Phosphorus, lipid & vectorization” (Team leader : Paul-Alain JAFFRES, PR) and
  • “Azamacrocyclic compounds & coordination” (Team leader : Raphaël TRIPIER, PR).

Our web site : Team COSM’s website


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