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New publication of CIEl team : “Functionalizing Gold Nanoparticles with Calix[4]arenes Monolayers for Enhancing Selectivity and Stability in ORR Electrocatalysis

Quentin Lenne, Alice Mattiuzzi, Ivan Jabin, Nicolas Le Poul, Yann R. Leroux*, Corinne Lagrost*

Adv. Mat. Interfaces 2020, accepted. DOI: 10.1002/admi.202001557

Functionalized gold nanoparticles with a single layer of calix[4]arenes demonstrate remarkable electrocatalytic activity for the reduction of oxygen in water. Calix-based nanocatalysts display increased selectivity and stability compared to their citrate-stabilized counterparts. These nanohybrids operate according to a 4-electrons process with good electrocatalytic performance as well as great robustness.