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New publication of COSM group : “Evaluation of lipophosphoramidates-based amphiphilic compounds on theformation of biofilms of marine bacteria”

Dorsaf Malouch, Mathieu Berchel, Catherine Dreanno, Sabine Stachowski-Haberkorn, Morgane Chalopin, Yoann Godfrin and Paul-Alain Jaffrès

Biofouling, 2023, 39, 591-605 ; DOI: 10.1080/08927014.2023.2241377

The bacteriostatic and/or bactericidal properties of few phosphoramide-based amphiphilic compounds on human pathogenic bacteria were previously reported. In this study, the potential of two cationic (BSV36 and KLN47) and two zwitterionic (3 and 4) amphiphiles as inhibitors of

marine bacterial growth and biofilm formation were investigated. Results showed that the four compounds have little impact on the growth of a panel of 18 selected marine bacteria at a concentration of 200 mM, and up to 700 mM for some bacterial strains. Interestingly, cationic lipid BSV36 and zwitterionic lipids 3 and 4 effectively disrupt biofilm formation of Paracoccus sp. 4M6 and Vibrio sp. D02 at 200 mM and to a lesser extent of seven other bacterial strains tested. Moreover, ecotoxicological assays on four species of microalgae highlighted that compounds 3 and 4 have little impact on microalgae growth with EC50 values of 51 mM for the more sensitive species and up to 200 mM for most of the others. Amphiphilic compounds, especially zwitterionic amphiphiles 3 and 4 seem to be promising candidates against biofilm formation by marine bacteria.