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New publication of COSM group : “On the dissociation pathways of copper complexes relevant as PET imaging agents”

Rocío Uzal-Varela, Véronique Patinec, Raphaël Tripier, Laura Valencia, Marcelino Maneiro, Moisés Canle, Carlos Platas-Iglesias, David Esteban-Gómez, Emilia Iglesias


The blockage of 64Cu-nuclide release in vivo is a very important issue when designing metal-based radiopharmaceuticals. Different relevant parameters should be taken into account when preparing stable and inert metal-based probes, as they could be determinant on activating or deactivating the possible dissociation mechanisms. In this work, we provide a detailed investigation of the kinetic inertness of the Cu(II) complexes with three pentadentate chelators: HCB-TE1A, NO2Py and NO2Th and propose an comparison with other analogues of the literature to show general trends.